05 June 2023 Progress Update

Oceidon Corporation
2 min readJun 5, 2023

Completed Tasks

Discord Bot Development

We are happy to report that we have successfully completed error and exception handling for 5 out of the total 7 commands in the Discord bot. We have also added an additional utility command to make it easier for administrators to utilise the service.

SMART Enhancement

A significant update this period is the integration of Stripe FIAT payments into Smartcentral.io. This brings us a step closer to our goal of providing a seamless and diversified payment interface to our users.

New Partnerships

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mallconomy (Mallconomy.com). Their ingenious team has created a groundbreaking system which ushers a better way to build, earn rewards, and create in the metaverse, where shoppers, and merchants work together for mutual benefit! We believe the integration of SMART Score into their services will significantly enhance this ecosystem.

Upcoming Objectives

Discord Bot Enhancement

We continue to work tirelessly to ensure a stable and robust bot system. Our immediate focus is to complete error and exception handling for the remaining bot functions. Once this is done, the code will move into the final review stage, edging us ever closer to finally getting things rolling live, so we can move on to the next things on the agenda.

SMART Enhancement

In our efforts to ensure a versatile payment system, we will next integrate crypto payment functionality into Smartcentral.io. This will broaden the range of payment options available to our users, providing them with greater flexibility.

We greatly appreciate your interest and support in our development journey.



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