Development Update — July 2022

Oceidon Corporation
1 min readApr 11, 2023


Oceidon SMART Score

  • Oceidon SMART Score has gone through its live beta stress testing. Running batches of thousands of scoring instances concurrently has resulted in no performance degradation.
  • We have confirmed that the major speed limiting factor is the number of transactions associated with a wallet. That is to be expected at this iteration of the system.
  • Based on a sample of 34000 wallets we have scheduled several representative algo tweaks to the NFT Merit score.
  • Infrastructure for an API service layer is being deployed.
  • To test SMART and score a wallet please visit:


  • We expect to have the marketplace on a testing server the week of the 25th of July.
    Main features will be tested, such as mint, list, buy and sell.

Meta NFTs and OBLOX

  • Price continues to be a major pain point for these products. We hope the integration for use of both the NFTs and OBLOX in the marketplace will generate more demand for both based on tangible benefits from their ownership and use.


  • There have been some questions about Venture Capital and Oceidon. We can confirm that several VC’s have engaged with us in discussions. No decisions have been made at this time, but we believe that these discussions are valuable and benefit the long-term outlook of the business.

Other News

  • Over the last few weeks we have had progressive and positive discussions and meetings with the Cardano Foundation. The topic of discussion is the integration of the Oceidon Ecosystem into the Cardanoverse.



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