What If Blockchain Existed 500 Years Ago?

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3 min readApr 18, 2023
April 18th, 2023, Envato.com

Have you ever wondered how different the world would be if we had blockchain technology 500 years ago? Would some of the biggest events in history have turned out differently if we had a secure, decentralised ledger to track transactions and hold people accountable? It’s an intriguing question and one that’s worth exploring.

The Great Wall of China: A Costly Construction

Take, for example, the construction of the Great Wall of China. If blockchain technology had existed back then, we would have had a transparent record of every transaction and every brick used to build the wall. This would have made it much harder for corrupt officials to steal money or materials, and it may have even resulted in a more efficient and cost-effective construction process.

Corruption: The opaqueness of the political system allowed corruption to flourish at different levels of government. Officials could easily embezzle public funds, accept bribes, or misuse resources without facing any significant consequences.

Power struggles and coups: The lack of transparency in political decision-making led to power struggles within the ruling elites. This often resulted in political instability, as factions vied for control or staged coups to depose rivals.

Censorship and control of information: The Chinese government historically controlled information flow, including news and historical records. The lack of transparency enabled manipulation of information, which allowed the government to shape public opinion and suppress dissent.

Inefficient bureaucracy: The absence of transparent systems made it difficult to track the performance of government officials and departments, leading to inefficiency and slow decision-making processes. This further exacerbated issues like poverty, inequality, and inadequate public services.

Human rights abuses: The lack of transparency and accountability allowed officials and the government to carry out human rights abuses without facing significant consequences. This includes crackdowns on political dissidents, forced labor camps, and mass surveillance.

Economic inequality: The lack of transparency facilitated the concentration of wealth and resources among a small elite. This contributed to significant income inequality and social unrest, as the general population was left with limited opportunities for social mobility.

Environmental degradation: The lack of transparency and accountability enabled industries and officials to prioritise economic growth over environmental concerns. This resulted in widespread pollution, destruction of natural habitats, and negative effects on public health.

American Revolution: The Power of Decentralisation

The lack of transparency in the context of the American Revolution had several notable consequences, including:
• Reliance on covert operations
• Financing challenges
• Disorganization and mistrust
• Difficulties in building alliances
• Impact on diplomacy and negotiations
• Post-war challenges
• Slower development of democratic institutions

Moving on to the American Revolution, blockchain technology could have made it much harder for the British to track the movements of colonial rebels. A decentralised ledger would have made it more difficult for the British to intercept messages or track resources, potentially changing the outcome of the war.

Moon Landing: Verification Through Blockchain

Expanding upon the previously described consequences in the context of the Moon Landing, the lack of transparency led to:
• Doubts about data integrity
• Increased costs and inefficiencies
• Loss of public trust
• International tensions
• Slower technological advancements
• Influence on international cooperation
• Effect on public interest in science

In conclusion, if blockchain technology had existed 500 years ago, the world would be a different place today. We could have avoided corruption, improved efficiency, and even impacted some of the biggest events in history. While we can’t change the past, we can use this technology to make the present and future a better place.



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